Wine in a wine glass on white background
What It Means When A Wine Is Viewed As 'Smooth'
When a wine is smooth, it means it’s an easy-drinking wine that glides over your tongue and leaves behind a delightful trail of flavors. Many factors influence a wine's smoothness.
Tannins, sharp flavor compounds which contribute to a sensation of dryness and are responsible for a wine's structure, must be balanced for a wine to be smooth.
Aggressive tannins can make wine less smooth, but when well balanced, tannins provide texture and complexity. Acidity also adds a refreshing zing and brightness to the wine.
Well-crafted and carefully aged wines tend to be smoother because the winemaker ensures that all the elements, including the fruit, tannins, acidity, and oak, are in harmony.
When you sip a smooth wine, you'll notice that it glides across your palate. The flavors are well-integrated, and there's a sense of ease in the drinking experience.