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What It Means To 'Mr. Potato Head' A Cocktail
The Mr. Potato Head toy includes a bunch of plastic body parts that can be stuck to a hole-filled, potato-shaped body to create endless new looks. Expert bartender Phil Ward says that this concept also works for cocktails, since "every template of a good drink is a blueprint for other good drinks [...] you just take it apart and put it back together.”
The Mr. Potato Head approach can work in a couple of ways; you can swap out one brand of spirit for another, or swap out another ingredient for a similar one to change the flavor of the drink. An example from Epicurious is to swap out plain simple syrup for flavored syrup in a whiskey sour to create a fruity variation on the classic.
Playing Mr. Potato Head with your home bar opens up lots of creative opportunities, but isn't as risky as inventing a drink from scratch. Taking one ingredient out and substituting it with another is a simple method to put your own spin on tried-and-true cocktails, while still making sure that the drink works on a flavor level.