Swedish Fish on blue background
What Is The Real Flavor Of Swedish Fish?
Since they arrived in America in the 1950s, Swedish Fish have set themselves apart from other gummy candies, from their ingredients to their origins to their enigmatic flavor.
Firstly, Swedish Fish aren't technically gummies, as they don't use gelatin. They're jelly candies or "gums," with a texture similar to a sticky gum drop rather than a chewy gummy.
Despite their popularity, the flavor of these little fish has stumped millions of fans. Fittingly, this Swedish candy imitates the most iconic Scandinavian fruit: lingonberry.
Fresh lingonberries may remind you of cranberries, as they have a tart flavor, but they also have a more nuanced taste with notes of cherry, pomegranate, and strawberry.
Beyond its native Scandinavia, you can find the berries in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Lingonberry jam is also famously served with meatballs at IKEAs all over the world.
Swedish Fish are artificially (and rather softly) flavored, so you won't taste all the nuances of lingonberry, but they're definitely more unique than the average strawberry candy.