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What Is The Largest Size Shrimp You Can Buy?
Shrimp is the most popular seafood in America, with the average person consuming almost one pound per year, according to Ocean Box. Shrimp also comes in many sizes, and if you're making shrimp and grits, shrimp fried rice, or shrimp cocktail and want the biggest size money can buy, you’ll want to look for this variety.
"Super colossal" shrimp is the largest variety you can buy, and is revered for its buttery, crispy taste. Still, most at-home cooks don’t buy this variety because the shrimp can take up to 15 minutes to cook and are too large for dishes like popcorn shrimp; it's most commonly used by restaurants in dishes like shrimp scampi.
While super colossal shrimp can be delicious, it’s worth noting that the bigger a shrimp is, the older it is, which means a chewier texture and less sweetness. A bigger size also means a bigger price; a pound of mini shrimp can pack in as many as 71 shrimp, while a pound of super colossal shrimp will hold fewer than 12.