Hampshire, England, UK, Freshly picked rhubarb placed in a wooden garden trugg. (Photo by: Peter Titmuss/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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What Is The Best Way To Freeze Fresh Rhubarb?
For many rhubarb lovers, the peak season for field-grown rhubarb — late spring to early summer — is too short, and stocking up on as much rhubarb is the only way to enjoy this fruit all year round. So, if you’re looking to freeze your fresh rhubarb, here is the best method to do it.
First, discard all rhubarb leaves, as they contain oxalic acid and can cause severe poisoning — instead, you can safely compost the leaves. Keep in mind, though, regardless of how you handle it before freezing, rhubarb begins to break down as it thaws, keeping the flavor intact, but not the shape.
Rhubarb can be blanched or fully cooked before freezing, but the very best way to freeze it is to wash and chop your rhubarb, put it in plastic freezer bags in a single layer, put the bags on a flat baking sheet, and freeze. You can either use the entire bag, or simply break off the amount you need.