Struffoli in a bowl with rainbow sprinkles
What Is Struffoli And What Does It Taste Like?
Struffoli are festive dough balls popular in Neapolitan cuisine. They have a crisp exterior, and soft interior, are drowned in an orange-honey syrup, and sprinkled with garnishes.
These perfect bundles of holiday fun are easy to batch, and exhibit an aesthetic stacked shape that's easy to turn creative. Better yet, making them is very straightforward.
Struffoli dough is crafted with flour, eggs, butter, sugar, and a flavored liqueur, with anise-tinged booze being the go-to in Italy. Traditionally, they were fried in lard.
Further flavors are integrated into the honey glaze, with many adding orange juice for a zestier tang. The components are melded together in a pan before assembling for serving.
Struffoli are often garnished with festive toppings, and arranged into fun shapes. They can be stacked into towers
or made to represent items,
like Christmas trees.