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What Is Prague Powder #1 And Why You Should Use It Sparingly
Made from salt and sodium nitrate or nitrite, Prague powder #1 is a type of curing salt that works best for quick cures like sausage and bacon. It was invented in 1925 and is available to purchase online, and while we don’t know if the powder has any connection to the city of Prague, we do know that it is incredibly effective.
Curing salt is used to help preserve the color of meat, stop bacteria from growing, and enhance the flavor and texture of the meat being cured. Prague powder #1 is composed of 6.25% sodium nitrite and 93.75% salt, as well as some anti-caking elements and dye to give it a pink color so it is not mistaken for table salt.
Prague powder #1 is potent — just 4 ounces of the powder will cure 100 pounds of meat. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions since going beyond the recommended amount can make a person very sick, but if you use too little the desired preservation won’t occur properly, posing other possible health risks.