Variety of traditional french puff pastry raisin and chocolate buns. croissant with cups of coffee americano and milk. coffee beans. recycled wooden spoon of sugar over dark texture background. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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What Is NYC's Must-Have Croissant Creation, The Suprême?
The Suprême of Lafayette Grand Bakery and Café in NoHo, NYC is a flavored cream-filled croissant that is tightly coiled and drizzled with glaze and toppings. At the bakery, the pastry is available three times a day — 8:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. — and lines for the treat start forming an hour in advance, then they sell out within the hour.
Pain au chocolat is the classic flavor for these swirly pastries, and seasonal flavors include Rose Berry Spritz, Peaches N Crème, and Corn Berry Crunch for summer, and Pumpkin Chai Latte and Bourbon Maple Nut for autumn. Everything that goes into Suprêmes is made from scratch, and it takes three days to make one batch.
Lafayette Pastry Chef Scott Cioe and Head Boulanger James Belisle tell Tasting Table that they wanted to reimagine the classic chocolate croissant, and the Suprême went through several evolutions before its current form. They add that more flavors of this flaky, irresistible pastry are on the way, and will be announced on the first day of each month.