Maragogipe coffee beans on a black background
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What Is Maragogipe Coffee And What Does It Taste Like?
Coffee can be as diverse as wine, with different landscapes producing unique beans, like the rare Maragogipe, or “Elephant Bean.”
Maragogipe coffee is known for its abnormally large cherries and leaves, and it produces a naturally sweet coffee with floral notes that make it highly sought after.
Unfortunately, Maragogipe is one of the world’s rarest varietals, because it’s susceptible to diseases, has low yields, and is hard to process due to the aforementioned size.
This large-bean coffee hails from Brazil, where it was first discovered in 1870. It’s a spontaneous mutation that some believe is a hybrid of the Typica and Bourbon varieties.
Maragogipe coffee has a rich mouthfeel, balanced acidity, and an elegant flavor that can include notes of toffee, wildflower, peach, nuts, or herbs, depending on where it’s grown.
When drinking Maragogipe, prepare it in a pour-over or French Press, and enjoy it without milk, as dairy overpowers the coffee’s natural sweetness.
Since Maragogipe requires precision in roasting to ensure its delicate flavors, you should purchase it from a reputable roaster while the bean is in season (fall through spring).