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What Is Honey Powder And How Do You Use It?
Honey is found in many dishes as a substitute for other sweeteners or as the star of the show, but it can be messy in its liquid form, which is why honey powder is growing in popularity. If you've never used powdered honey, you may be hesitant to give it a try, but this is an ingredient worth experimenting with.
Powdered honey is honey that has been dehydrated, changing it from a liquid to a solid, then ground into a powder that resembles sugar granules. Honey loses much of its antioxidants and other medicinal properties when dehydrated, but the powder is much easier to incorporate into baked goods, frosting, ice cream, and more.
Honey powder with no additional ingredients is a one-for-one substitute for sugar, so you don't have to do any calculations to replace sugar with honey for a deeper flavor in your recipes. Honey powder can help your baked goods last longer, since other sugar replacements can quickly dry out your cookies, scones, and more.
Powdered honey is also great for adding to tea, yogurt, ice cream, or even your favorite breakfast cereal. Blending powdered honey with another sugar or sugar substitute can even create a light, fluffy cake frosting, and you can even try replacing sugar with powdered honey in BBQ spice rubs for a more subtle sweetness.