Whole hogfish in a pan with vegetables and fruits
What Is Hogfish And What Is Its Flavor Like?
Found in waters that span from the Carolinas to South America, hogfish is a special catch with a pig-like snout that delights seafood lovers with its unique buttery taste.
Mild, sweet, and delicate, hogfish’s flavor is reminiscent of lobster. The fish lacks any overly fishy notes, so it doesn’t overwhelm eaters with sensitive palettes.
Preparing hogfish is hassle-free, too. Frequently accompanied by butter and lemon, hogfish is enhanced by simple aromatics, such as salt and oregano.
The fish is typically baked or grilled whole but is also delicious when fried. Cover in cornmeal, flour, and paprika, and cook in hot oil for only a few minutes a side.
Those looking for a mouth-watering fish sandwich may particularly enjoy fried hogfish. Hogfish is also a great substitute for red snapper since they both have a similar texture.
Hogfish is so in demand by fishermen that authorities have had to dial back commercial fishing rights to prevent overfishing.
Before indulging, eager customers should check that their hogfish is legally sourced. This ensures the fish can be enjoyed in ceviches and tacos for years to come.