FLORENCE, TUSCANY, ITALY - 2013/11/03: Panoramic view of city and the Duomo architecture. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)
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What Is Florence, Italy's Iconic Street Food Lampredotto?
While you may envision your go-to pizza joint or pasta place when asked about your favorite Italian dishes, the country's food scene is far more diverse than that. The city of Florence is known for many of its street food dishes, but lampredotto is one truly special staple doled out by
countless "chioschi," or street vendors.
Visit Florence says that lampredotto is cow stomach, specifically the fourth stomach, and can be used in plated meals, but is most popular in sandwiches. The meat is slow-cooked with "Tomato, onion, carrot, parsley and celery," sandwiched in crunchy bread, and paired with a sauce of parsley, garlic, and capers, plus chili-infused olive oil.
This sandwich dates back centuries, and though it was once considered peasant food, it became rampantly popular in Florence, a city mostly made up of working-class people. The fourth stomach was likely used because peasants couldn't afford other cuts of beef, and lampredotto is still sold for about €3 to 4 per sandwich.
Making lampredotto at home is difficult and time-consuming, and fourth stomach can be hard to find, so when in Florence, look for the sandwich on the street, since it's practically never served at sit-down spots. You may also see trippa or trippai, another cut of cow stomach, sold alongside lampredotto at chioschi.