Glasses of fresh Brazilian lemonade or limeade with lime garnish
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What Is Brazilian Lemonade And What's The Reason It's Made With Limes?
Brazilian lemonade is emerging as the drink of the summer, but though it shares a name with American-style lemonade, this type of lemonade has a few unique quirks.
Despite its name, Brazilian lemonade is made from limes instead of lemons, and has a frothy texture and rich flavor thanks to the addition of condensed milk.
The drink is translated to "lemonade" in English because limes are called "limão" in Portuguese, so any drink made from limes or lemons is called "limonada" in Brazil.
The drink is made with whole limes — pith, peel, and all — which are sliced into wedges, then blended with water, condensed milk, and ice, strained, and served.
For the best flavor, clean your limes, slice them into wedges, and blend for just 10 seconds or so, since the longer you blend, the more of the peel’s bitterness will be released.
With its rich flavor and creamy texture, Brazilian lemonade is not only delicious, but also arguably easier to make than regular lemonade, since you simply blend and strain.