Soft-boiled egg in an egg cup on tablecloth
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What Is An Egg Topper?
Soft-boiled eggs are difficult to peel, and if you try to completely peel off the shell like you would with a hard-boiled egg, your hands may end up covered in runny yolk. This is why many of us place the egg in an egg cup and crack the top with a spoon, but an egg topper is an even better way to peel off the tops of boiled eggs.
Using a spoon to peel off the top of your egg is easy, but can get bits of broken shell into your egg. Egg toppers, small devices that look like mini immersion blenders, use suction to pop off the very top of the shell, so you can eat the whites and runny yolk inside with neatness and ease, whether you use a spoon or dip toast into it.
To use an egg topper, put your boiled egg in an egg cup, place the end of the topper over the egg, pull the handle at the top of the device upwards, and the top half of the shell will slide right off. Then, you can add toppings like salt and pepper directly to the egg and dip your toast sticks into a deliciously runny yolk.