pile of sea salt in a bowl
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What Is A Salt Box?
In modern cooking, we have salt grinders, salt pigs, salt cellars, and ceramic, clay, or olive-wood containers for storing and accessing salt while cooking, and then there’s just the simple concept of a salt box. Chefs usually use all these terms interchangeably, and salt boxes can be very useful to have in your kitchen.
A salt box is a container for the various salt varieties used while cooking, and it typically comes with a lid to preserve freshness, protect the salt from moisture and bacteria, and resist the absorption of kitchen odors that could affect the taste. Some come with magnetic swivel lids, while others have a side indentation for a matching spoon.
Salts come in many grain sizes and shapes, often rendering basic salt shakers and grinders impractical, but a salt box puts the seasoning at your fingertips for easy access. It also makes for easier portion control than a grinder as it lets you see exactly how much salt is going in your skillet, pot, or directly onto your dinner plate.