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What Is A Red Blend And How Is It Distinct From Other Red Wines?
Different grape varieties can produce red wines that are peppery and tannic or light and fruity, and if you mix varietals to create a red blend, you have something entirely new.
Red blends, or red wines that combine different grape varietals, have been around for centuries, and include popular wines like French Bordeaux, Spanish rioja, and Italian Chianti.
Mass-produced red blends are typically smooth and pleasant, with less bitter tannic taste thanks to added sugar. They can be made with a mix of any grapes you can imagine.
High-end red blends are a bit more specific, and are usually made with a base grape, which will define most of the flavor, then different varietals are included to add character.
Winemaker Mike Macmorran describes creating a blend as “taking "individual pieces [to] make the sum of what you're blending better than those individual pieces".
White wine blends also exist, including white Bordeaux, Italian soave, Spanish cava, and French Champagne, all of which showcase the best qualities of the grapes.