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What Is A Gin And Dubonnet, The Queen's Favorite Cocktail?
The late Queen Elizabeth was known to have a strict and modest diet, but she also reportedly enjoyed a bit of gin on some special mornings, and as expected of royalty, Her Majesty's favorite cocktail is a foolproof classic: the Dubonnet cocktail. Here's how to make it at home.
First, you'll need a bottle of Dubonnet Rouge, a Parisian aperitif made of fortified wine, herbs, fruit zest and quinine; it's a cocktail staple available at any liquor store. To your cocktail shaker, add ice, two parts Dubonnet, and one part dry gin — Gordon's, if you want to be particularly British.
Finally, add a slice of lemon to your shaker. Give it a good shake, strain the concoction into a cocktail glass, add a few more ice cubes, and garnish with a lemon wedge or two, and you'll have your very own gin and Dubonnet, a cocktail fit for a queen.