One wrapped Cadbury Creme Egg on a white background
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What Is A Cadbury Creme Egg's Gooey Filling Made Of?
Cadbury Creme Eggs are foil-wrapped chocolate eggs with a creamy, gooey inside that is colored to look like the white and yolk of a real egg. These iconic eggs that pop up in stores around Easter time are beloved by many, but you may wonder what the "creme" inside is actually made of.
The center of these creme eggs is a soft fondant, which is a combination of sugar, water, and corn syrup, at its most basic. According to SmartLabel, the filling for Cadbury eggs sold in the U.S. includes sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor and color, calcium chloride, and egg whites.
Many people are most familiar with fondant as a stiff sugar paste used to cover cakes, but firm and soft fondant is also a popular chocolate and candy filling. In America, consumers can also buy caramel or chocolate Cadbury eggs, while the U.K. gets more creative with their fondant with fillings like Oreo.