A barista pours milk into a latte design on a top of a cappuccino.
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What Is A Bone-Dry Cappuccino?
Cappuccinos are made from equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam for a balance between silky smooth dairy and rich coffee flavor, but you can also order different styles that change up the ratio. One label you might see on cappuccinos is "dry" versus "wet," and "bone-dry" cappuccinos take dryness to the extreme.
A wet cappuccino will have a higher amount of milk than usual, while a dry one will have less. Depending on how far you go in either direction, you could be heading into latte or macchiato territory, or you could end up with a bone-dry cappuccino that uses no milk at all, but still has a pillow of foam on the top of the espresso.
The foam is what still qualifies a bone-dry cappuccino as a cappuccino, despite the lack of milk, and it's definitely a drink for people who like the texture of foam but don't want much messing with the flavor of their coffee. The actual ratio of a dry or wet cappuccino depends on where you order it, but the general idea should be the same.