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What Is A 50/50 Martini Composed Of?
In a classic martini, the standard gin-to-vermouth ratio is 3:1, making for a rather dry drink, and adding more gin can make the martini "drier" and adding more vermouth can make it "wetter." If standard martinis are a little too harsh and alcoholic for your taste, allow us to introduce the 50/50 martini, a sweeter drink that still strikes a balance.
The 50/50 martini contains the classic ingredients of dry gin, dry vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters, but it is made with equal parts gin and vermouth. Its higher vermouth ratio lowers the martini's total ABV for a less strong drink, since most gins contain 40% ABV, but vermouth’s ABV falls somewhere around 16% to 18%.
Not everyone is a fan of the 50/50 martini, as NYC-based mixologist Thomas Waugh says "When you say, 'Let's go get a Martini,' I'm not talking about going and drinking vermouth, man." Regardless, the 50/50 martini offers a nuanced flavor profile and remains a popular and easy-to-remember for those who like lighter drinks.