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What Is 00 Flour And How Is It Used?
Double zero flour is a special ingredient also called “doppio zero,” due to its prominence in Italy, or “pizza flour.” Typically made from soft wheat, 00 flour has a high protein content, is relatively low in gluten, and is the finest-ground flour available on the commercial market, making it a must for the best traditional pizza and pasta recipes.
00 flour is ideal for pizza and pasta because its proteins and moisture requirements result in a dough with a strong gluten network, and the more the dough is worked, the smoother it becomes. The final dough is more elastic and able to withstand stretching without tearing, and it can also be rolled out paper-thin without breaking.
However, 00 flour is not the best choice for everything — according to Bon Appétit, it will not yield pillowy, soft bread loaves, but does work for flatter, chewier breads like focaccia. You should also avoid 00 flour for sweets like cakes, cookies, and brownies, unless you want a hard treat that will give your molars some exercise.
According to MasterClass, bread flour may be the most decent substitute for 00 flour, but you won’t get the same super-crispy crust on your pizzas. You can find 00 flour in the baking or international section of the grocery store, or online at sites like Amazon, and for the average cook, one bag of this flour should last a long time.