Sliced hard-boiled egg, whole egg, cracked eggshell, and full eggshell
What Happens When You Don't Put Hard-Boiled Eggs In The Fridge?
Hard-boiled eggs are a super versatile staple for many. However, once boiled, it's crucial to treat the eggs as you would any other food that is susceptible to spoiling.
While it’s true that boiling an egg kills the bacteria inside and on the exterior shell, it doesn't mean that the egg is now impervious to microbial action.
The porous nature of the shell allows bacteria to find its way inside, where it thrives on the protein. The FDA recommends consuming the eggs within one week of cooking.
Glad points out that leaving the shell intact until you're ready to use the egg is a good practice. The shell can go a long way towards keeping the egg fresh and delicious.