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What Happens If Your Fork Is Microwaved By Accident?
Most of us have heard of the dangers of putting metal in a microwave, and perhaps you have even experienced the phenomenon yourself. Watching sparks fly after accidentally leaving the wrapper on a burrito can be scary, but not all metal objects react the same in a microwave thanks to the device that powers it known as a magnetron.
A fork's body may be thick, but its tines are tapered to thin points. This indicates that heat and electrons are produced rapidly within these thin tines, and that eventually, those electrons may be able to arc through the air and produce sparks that are easily able to ignite a fire.
This is because the magnetron produces electromagnetic waves in the microwave radiation spectrum, which agitate and shake molecules to heat them up. Thicker metals or materials, such as spoons or microwave-safe racks, take a long time to build up heat and cause problems, whereas forks or tin foil can do so ‌quickly.