Homemade Wisconsin Butter Burger with Cheese and Fries
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What Happens If You Fry A Hamburger In Butter?
Butter burgers rose to fame in the 1930s, when Solly’s Grille in Milwaukee started cooking hamburger patties with a slab of butter on top, so the butter streams down the patty and the bun as it melts. While this certainly sounds decadent, you may wonder if cooking burgers in butter is really better than using the more common oil.
Butter is composed of butterfat, milk proteins, and water, and when it melts, it clarifies, which turns all of its components into butterfat. After about 30 seconds, the butter starts to liquefy and adds a sense of juiciness to meats, including burgers, resulting in a doubly juicy patty that's even better with quality beef, like Black Angus.
The first ever butter burger is said to have been made in 1885, when "Hamburger Charlie" Nagreen sold two meatballs fried in butter between two slices of bread. Today, many chefs offer their own spin on Nagreen's and Solly's Grille's famous versions, whether they simply fry the burger in butter or add plenty of extra butter on top.