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What Happens If You Deep Fry A Steak?
There are many different cuts of steak, and everyone likes them cooked in different ways, but the most popular methods are grilling, roasting, pan frying, searing, and perhaps an oven finish, without much variation for day-to-day cooking. However, if you work up the energy to deep-fry a steak, you can end up with something exceptional.
Deep-frying your steak might be a great choice if you're after the juiciest meat you can get. While deep-frying is a very high-heat method, the hot oil creates a crisp coating that acts as a barrier, so the inside of the meat is protected from being drying out while an excellent crust forms, resulting in a crisp surface and tender meat.
You can use vegetable, peanut, and canola oils, since all these oils have a high smoke point, which allows you to deep fry your steak at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit for the best outcome. Instead of using a deep-fryer, you can also deep-fry the steak on a stovetop using a pan at least 5 inches deep with around 3 inches of oil inside.