What Happens If You Accidentally
Eat Mold?
Food - Drink
There are few things more disappointing than being in the mood for a snack, only to find that it’s been contaminated with specks of fuzzy green mold. Sometimes it's a whole loaf of bread, and other times, it's only certain areas that you can easily cut off, but what if you're in a rush and only notice the mold after you've taken a bite?
In most cases, it's not a big deal, as your digestive and immune systems should have it all taken care of. As long as you're relatively healthy and don't have a mold allergy, the gastric acid in your stomach, along with your immune response, should keep you from getting ill.
Don't take this as a go-ahead to chow down on fuzzy food, however, as mold is not 100 percent safe and, in certain cases, can make even healthy folks pretty sick. With only a few exceptions (like long-lasting hard cheeses), most moldy foods are just too risky to eat, according to the USDA.