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What Gives Japanese Whisky Its Distinct Flavor
Every whisky connoisseur knows that each region's distilling process leaves a unique mark on a whisky’s taste and texture, and Japan is no exception. With Japanese whisky brands like Takamine and Yamazaki, you’ll find delicate and crisp flavors in careful and unmatched blends, and these diverse flavor notes are owed to two main factors.
What makes Japanese whisky stand out is the clear mineral water sources used to distill the alcohol, plus the overall climate of the country. Japan's colder winters slow maturation for some whiskeys, but conversely, their hot, humid summers can really accelerate the aging process, leading to a unique outcome in every bottle.
As a result of this special maturation process, Japanese whiskies mature quicker than Scottish or other varieties, and the final alcohol possesses bolder, richer flavors, plus a higher ABV content. The rising popularity of these whiskeys means they may end up on a shelf near you, so splurge a little extra to enjoy these unique spirits.