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What Exactly Is Kentucky's Transparent Pie?
Like many classic recipes from Kentucky, transparent pie is a dessert that dates back to the 1800s, when there were few ingredients to work with aside from those found on local farms. However, it wasn't until around 1930 that Maggee's Bakery in Maysville, Kentucky put this six-ingredient treat in the spotlight.
Kentucky transparent pie isn't actually transparent, but does have a slightly translucent custard filling that is void of color, but tastes delightful. To make this pie, sugar and butter are creamed together, combined with whipping cream, vanilla, and eggs, then dumped into a pie shell and baked for a sweet and creamy treat.
Transparent pie is served at room temperature or chilled, and some say that when at room temperature, it looks more transparent. Transparent pie is similar to chess pie or pecan pie, which both use sugar-based fillings, but transparent pie doesn't contain cornmeal like chess pie, nor does it have nuts like pecan pie.