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What Exactly Is An Airline Chicken Breast?
While it may fall behind pork as the most consumed meat in the world, chicken will never lose its notoriety for its cheaper price, versatility for preparation, and health benefits. While breasts, legs, thighs, and wings are the most popular forms of chicken cuts, there’s one you might not have heard of.
The airline chicken breast, also known as Statler chicken, Frenched breast, and chicken supreme, is a hand-cut chicken breast with the first wing joint. According to Martha Stewart, the airline chicken breast got its name because they were easier to eat without utensils and were therefore provided on planes.
For cooking, you can sear it in a skillet like a regular chicken breast, but adding a few more minutes to the timer to allow for the extra meat. The airline chicken breast is not found at many popular grocery stores, but Jenni Harris claims that they're found in more "upscale butcher shops."