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What Exactly Is A 'Hot Brown' Sandwich?
Also known as the "Kentucky Hot Brown," the Hot Brown sandwich was invented by The Brown Hotel's chef, Fred Schmidt, in the 1920's. Chef Schmidt wanted to satisfy the taste buds of the hotel's worn-out dinner dance guests, who often stumbled around in the early morning hours with grumbling tummies after a night of festivities.
The sandwich consists of bread, thick slices of oven-roasted turkey, and creamy Mornay (cheese) sauce; it's cooked under the broiler until golden and bubbly and topped with crispy bacon. Rumor has it that earlier versions of the sandwich had pimentos and peaches, but now, the only common produce addition is tomatoes.
Many say that the only place to get a genuine Hot Brown is The Brown Hotel, but other restaurant versions abound in Louisville. Bluegrass Brewing Co. on Main Street serves its rendition on sourdough, The Bristol Bar and Grille's version uses French bread and cheddar, and DiOrio's Pizza and Pub has a pizza version called "Big John's Hot Brown."