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What Exactly Is A British Traybake?
British and American English can be quite different, and this definitely extends to culinary terms and lingo. Pudding, biscuits, and scones all mean different things in these two countries, and while Americans might assume a "traybake" is something like a sheet pan dinner, it's actually yet another unique British dessert term.
A traybake is a flat cake baked in a tray and cut into small squares to serve, and it's close to what's known as a "bar cookie" or "sheet dessert" in the U.S. However, it would be a mistake to think of bar cookies and traybakes as the same, since Britain has its own sheet dessert recipes that aren't widely known or eaten in the U.S.
Old-school traybakes include chocolatey classics like millionaire's shortbread, peppermint slices, and chocolate tiffin (a Scottish treat of crushed biscuits, golden syrup, cherries, raisins, and chocolate). There’s also a flapjack traybake, which is a sweet, gooey granola bar with butter and golden syrup (and no American pancakes).