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What Exactly Are Freezer Door Cocktails?
Freezer door cocktails are pre-batched cocktails, often made in and stored in a liquor bottle, that make it easy for guests to serve themselves.
Typically, a freezer door cocktail will make around six to eight servings and can be made and stashed in your freezer or your refrigerator for hours before you need to serve them.
Almost any cocktail can be a freezer-door drink, so long as a high-proof alcohol is the base and you don't use too many mixers or watery ingredients, which can cause it to freeze.
It's recommended to give the bottle a good stir or shake before each pour to help the ingredients remain mixed. You should also dilute your mixture with a little water.
While a wide variety of cocktails work well as freezer door cocktails, those that use simpler recipes with fewer ingredients work best, like the Old Fashioned and classic Negroni.
One of the best cocktails to try this with is martinis since they are almost entirely made of liquors. Set up martini garnishes on the side so your guests can customize them.