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What Enriched Bread Actually Is
While the four basic ingredients in bread are flour, water, yeast, and salt, loaves can turn out very different from each other depending on technique, additional ingredients, and more. If you add anything besides the aforementioned four ingredients to your bread dough formula, you've made an enriched dough.
According to MasterClass, the most common ingredients added to enriched doughs are butter, eggs, milk, and sugar. The resulting enriched breads, such as challah, brioche, and milk bread, tend to be more rich, fatty, and flavorful than more basic breads such as baguettes, sourdough, and bagels.
Challah recipes include eggs, oil, and sugar, brioche is made with eggs and massive amounts of butter, and with milk bread uses milk to make an extremely fluffy, cloud-like bread. Food52 acknowledges that enriched doughs might require different rise-conditions and bake times than their basic bread cousins.