Cod fillets with vegetables before cooking in parchment paper
What Does It Mean To Cook 'En Papillote' And How Does It Work?
"En papillote" means "in paper" in French, and this food prep method cooks food inside a tightly-sealed pouch of parchment or foil, steaming it to tender, juicy perfection.
En papillote is an excellent way to cook light proteins like seafood, chicken, and even firm tofu. You can also add veggies to the paper packet to cook a whole meal at once.
The foil or parchment used for this method should be at least 14 inches by 12 inches, big enough to hold one serving of food with some room left along the edges for sealing.
Fold the paper or foil in half, making a crease down the middle or diagonally, then unfold and lay flat. Place the protein in the center and top with vegetables, fruits, or herbs.
You should par-cook any thick-cut veggies and thinly slice potatoes before cooking. Once the packet is filled, finish with a drizzle of oil, a pat of butter, or a splash of wine.
Seal the packet tightly on all sides with no gaps. Parchment needs to be placed on a sheet pan before cooking, but foil packets can go directly on an oven rack or outdoor grill.
Cooking times will vary, but paper packet meals are usually ready once the parchment has puffed up and darkened in hue. Cut a slit down the middle, exposing the tasty food inside.