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What Company Is Behind Costco's Kirkland Brand Canadian Whisky?
No one knows for certain, but many suggest Costco’s Kirkland Canadian whisky is either Crown Royal or made in the same facility. Both share sweet, smooth notes and a similar nose.
Crown Royal blends nearly 50 different whiskies into each bottle. This has led consumers to speculate that the Kirkland bottle is a unique blend from their extensive portfolio.
However, since Kirkland’s Canadian whisky is predominantly corn-based with a bit of sherry added, some argue that this ingredient mix is atypical for Crown Royal.
An investigation of the source of Kirkland's bottles reveals that the older ones were operated by Wide World Importers, in cooperation with liquor industry giant Sazerac.
While Sazerac owned a Canadian distillery, it wasn't Crown Royal. Such leads complicate the whisky's origin story, meaning it's impossible to know the source for certain.