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What Can Happen If You Swap Turbinado Sugar For Brown Sugar
Brown sugar is similar to white sugar, but retains part of its molasses content or has molasses added to it, while turbinado sugar is a partially processed sugar that naturally contains molasses. While these sugars may sound similar, there are two differences you should know about before substituting one for the other in a recipe.
The first difference is the level of molasses flavor in these two sugars, which adds notes of butterscotch or caramel and a darker color. This flavor is less pronounced in turbinado sugar since it contains less molasses, and the color of foods made with turbinado will be paler in comparison to those made with brown sugar.
Additionally, turbinado sugar contains less moisture than brown sugar and may not mix into doughs or batters as uniformly, making for a grainy and crumbly texture in baked goods. Instead of using turbinado sugar in place of brown sugar, try subbing in turbinado for white sugar, since their textures and moisture content are more similar.