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What Are The Big Differences Between Halibut And Flounder?
Halibut and flounder are two popular fish for cooking, beloved for their mild flavors. While they do taste similar, there are some important distinctions between the two fish.
“Flounder” is a term for more than 200 types of flatfish, which are bottom-dwellers with wide, flat bodies. Halibut actually is a unique type of flounder.
While generic flounders are quite small, weighing only 22 pounds with a rounder shape, halibut can grow up to 400 pounds, with a more angular, kite-like shape.
Flounder can be fished along almost any coast in the world, but halibut prefers coasts along the northwestern United States, Alaska, Cape Cod, Greenland, and Europe.
Since both fish have a light, mild flavor, they can sub in for each other in recipes, but halibut is leaner and less oily than other flounder, and has a thicker, firmer texture.
When considering which fish to buy, know that delicate, flaky flounder is better for baking and frying, while hearty halibut is perfect for grilling and searing.