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What Are The Best Types Of Fish For Ceviche?
Ceviche is a South American dish of seafood marinated in a strongly acidic liquid, typically citrus juice, along with vegetables like onions and chiles. The acidic marinade quickly denatures and "cooks" the protein, giving it qualities as if it were cooked with heat, while retaining the brightness of raw fish.
The best fish for ceviche is white fish with firm flesh, like mahi-mahi or cod; these kinds of fish are resilient enough to stand up to the marinade, without overwhelming the dish's flavor profile. Regardless of which fish you choose, buy only the freshest fish for optimal flavor and to minimize the risk of food-borne pathogens.
Aside from white fish, other kinds of seafood, such as shrimps and scallops, can also be used for ceviche. And don't ignore the Leche de Tigre, or "tiger's milk," the piquant juice left over after ceviche has marinated; this juice is commonly consumed as a beverage alongside the ceviche, or on its own as a unique hangover cure.