A pair of port tongs or clamps held above snapped off neck on wine bottle
What Are Port Tongs And How Should You Be Using Them?
Port tongs are a traditional tool used to open port wine. They have long metal handles that end in hollow half-circles that easily clamp the bottles’ necks when the tongs are closed.
The tongs are heated up until they are red hot and then clamped around the bottle’s neck. The neck is cleanly severed by this, removing the risk of the cork crumbling into the wine.
Today, port tongs are mostly used by skilled individuals for presentation or ceremonial purposes. They’re often used to open a bottle of vintage port, a special occasion wine.
Before using port tongs, make sure you have prepared a safe place to put them down while they cool off. When you’ve got the tongs red-hot, press them to the bottle’s neck.
Next, use an ice-cold, damp cloth to finish making the break through the glass. The sudden change in temperature should break the glass cleanly.
You may want to pour the wine over a cheesecloth-lined sieve in case any glass got in the wine. Above all else, keep in mind that port tongs should only be used by skilled people.