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What Are Instant Mashed Potato Flakes Made Of?
Instant mashed potatoes are flaky, powdery, and reminiscent of panko breadcrumbs, but somehow dissolve into soft and smooth mashed potatoes. These potato flakes are clearly quite different from a mash made of fresh potatoes, but they also aren't as artificial as you might think and are only made of one ingredient.
Plain potato flakes are made from dehydrated potatoes that have already been cooked and mashed, which is why they're ready to eat once mixed with liquid. They’re usually made of russet potatoes or Idaho potatoes, which are starchy, giving the final product a smooth texture that absorbs any flavors or fat you add to it.
Instant mashed potatoes have a reputation for being low-quality, but they don't taste bad and all and are very useful when you're pressed for time. The flakes can even be used to thicken stews or bind meatloaf, but if you just like to use them to make a mash, it's easy to jazz them up with butter, sour cream, garlic, herbs, and more.