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What Are French Breakfast Radishes And What Makes Them Special?
French Breakfast radishes are just one variety out of over a hundred kinds of radish, but these little root vegetables have a different appearance and flavor compared to the large, round radishes you may know. These radishes originated in France in 1879, and quickly became a favorite in Parisian markets, as well as in England.
French Breakfast radishes stand out for their looks; the shape is oblong, rather than spherical, and they have edible green tops with beautiful two-tone flesh, with a vivid pink top that transitions into a white tip. The flavor of a Breakfast radish can differ depending on the season, but they are usually quite mild and very crisp.
Garden Betty explains that radishes grown in spring and autumn tend to be more mild than ones grown in the summertime, since warmer soil leads to a spicier radish. When raw, the French Breakfast radish is slightly sweet, but more on the earthy and peppery side; when cooked, such as in casserole or soup, the flavor is more nutty.
There is only one varietal of the French Breakfast radish, the D'Avignon, which is more slender and slightly milder. As for preparation, it doesn't get much more French than Radis beurre à tartiner, salted Breakfast radishes blended with top-notch butter and served on a toasted baguette, and the greens make for a great salad.