Creative Concept of Instant noodle Chopped with chopsticks form white plastic cup, twist or swirl shape
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What Are Flying Noodles?
On social media, "flying noodles" doesn't usually refer to one dish or recipe, but to a way of presenting food. Using the flying noodles trick makes a bunch of noodles look like they're floating in midair, sometimes with chopsticks or a fork held by an invisible hand, and this optical illusion can even be pulled off at home in two ways.
Flying noodles are usually propped up by chopsticks or a long stick, hidden in the mess of noodles, but James Tan, former head chef at Pioneer Seafood Restaurant, knows how to make noodles fly without a prop. He pours hot oil onto noodles to fry them in place so they become solid and crisp, standing vertically with no help whatsoever.
You can make your own flying noodles by following the classic method of propping up noodles, or by using Tan’s contraption-free recipe. Tan adds sauce, meat, or vegetables to his fried noodles, and you should also feel free to customize your noodle sculpture, whether you use Asian-style noodles, instant ramen, or western-style pasta.