Pile of desert truffles, aerial view
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What Are Desert Truffles And How Do They Compare To Other Varieties?
You might be familiar with Italy’s white Alba truffles or France’s black Périgord truffles, but the Middle East is home to a unique and underrated variety known as desert truffles.
Over 30 types of truffles grow in the deserts of the Middle East, and while they look similar to other truffles, they're genetically closer to everyday mushrooms.
Desert truffles grow on the roots of the sunrose succulent, and when ripe, they break through the surface and form lumps on the ground, making them easier to forage.
Desert truffles have a mild, sweet taste and aroma, similar to Morel mushrooms, making them perfect for stews, rice dishes like machboos, and one-pot stews and braises.
Desert truffles aren’t as rare as other truffles, but since they’re not commercially cultivated, they're still scarce. You might be able to buy them in specialty markets or online.