An old individual going through a restaurant menu
What A Short, Simple Restaurant Menu Says To You About The Food
A short, simple restaurant menu is a good sign. If an eatery sticks to one type of food and spends hours preparing it, it often indicates an area of specialty and expertise.
For example, you can easily get Pad Thai at a bodega in a Polish neighborhood, but a traditional Thai chef likely knows much more about how to make it correctly.
Additionally, if a restaurant is known for one particular type of food in a highly competitive food industry, it has to be good just for the place to remain open.
Fewer dishes mean fewer ingredients to stock, and the restaurant likely used the freshest ones available. Ordering from a short menu also helps avoid food poisoning when traveling.
As Anthony Bourdain once shared in a CNN interview, "You are far more likely to get ill at the [...] tourist-friendly restaurant that tries to be everything to everybody.”