Bags of different kinds of tortilla chips
We Tested 16 Tortilla Chips For Scooping Dip. Here Are The Sturdiest Ones
16. Garden of Eatin’
The Yellow Chips from this brand don’t measure up when it comes to scooping up dip. When sampled, they came across as stale and lacked crunch.
When dunked into guacamole, the first chip snapped. The second scoop yielded 36 grams of guacamole, but the chip couldn’t retain its crispiness under the avocado.
15. Siete
These Grain-Free Tortilla Chips are more nutritious and are great on their own, but they don’t hold up when scooping dip. The softer texture can’t scoop a hefty portion.
While these chips would go perfectly well with a simple salsa, heavy veggie-based dips are better reserved for a sturdier tortilla chip.
14. Trader Joe’s
These Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips come in a massive 1-pound bag. The chips tend to hold up against chunky dips and can hold 75 grams of guacamole.
While the chip held a huge amount of guacamole, there was little crunch, and the texture dissipated quickly. The chips tasted like they had been in the bag for a while.
13. Xochitl
These White Corn Chips are as close to the chain Mexican restaurant staple as you can get. Despite being thin and crispy, they aren’t structurally sound for scooping.
It took several tries to scoop out a decent serving without breaking a chip. The texture also disappeared beneath the weight of the moisture-heavy guacamole.
12. Greenwise
The Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips from Publix’s organic line were fairly solid in structure, having scooped up 45 grams of guacamole. There aren’t many negatives.
When sampled straight out of the bag, the chip gave a satisfying crunch that dissipated quickly, and adding guacamole did little to help matters.