A Starbucks sandwich in front of a Starbucks paper bag
We Ranked All The Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches And This Was The Best One
Tomato & Mozzarella
While it’s a great option for those who don't eat meat, the Starbucks Tomato & Mozzarella on Focaccia was not a highlight of the lunch options.
The cheese was lacking, and the sandwich could have been improved by a more generous pesto flavor. The focaccia
bread also failed to add much
to the sandwich.
Turkey, Provolone & Pesto
Cutting the sandwich open, all of the layers are visible. Starbucks did not skimp on
the turkey, and the cheese appeared nicely melted.
However, the turkey was a little dry and there was a lack of pesto flavor. The ciabatta was soft
and tasty, but the dryness of
the sandwich was the most
stand-out part about it.
Grilled Cheese
The Starbucks version of this sandwich includes a blend of three cheeses and is served on sourdough slices that are covered in butter.
The blend of cheeses worked perfectly, the bread was beautifully buttery, and each bite was a flavor-packed, savory experience. The main critique is that it could be more crispy.
Ham & Swiss On Baguette
Saving the best for last, the Ham & Swiss on Baguette had perfectly moist ham complemented by the stretchy Swiss cheese.
Despite it being on a baguette, the bread was just soft enough. The simplicity of this sandwich with just ham, Swiss, and
dijon butter to give it a bit of
a kick is perfect.