Crispy chicken BLT with fries
We Ranked 10 Fast Food Spicy Chicken Sandwiches By Their Heat Levels
10. Popeyes Spicy TRUFF
For this chicken sandwich, the heat came from its sauce. The sauce tasted delicious, but it had a mild spice, and there wasn’t much on the sandwich we got.
9. Spicy BK Royal
This crispy chicken sandwich had a spicy sauce that was more sweet than spicy. Its sweet chili flavor is what shined through the most.
8. Bojangles Cajun Chicken
Rather than a sauce, the spice is in the actual chicken of this sandwich. It was spicy, for sure, but it was bearable, pleasant, and edible.
7. Wendy's Spicy Chicken
Like Bojangles, this one brought the spice to the actual chicken breading. Spicier than Bojangles, it was still edible for the average spice lover.
6. Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken
Spicy from the breading, this one isn't for those who can't tolerate spice well. The actual flavor of the spice is enjoyable as well as a bit intense.