Costco combo pizza and BBQ beef brisket sandwich in front of a Costco
We May Never Eat These Discontinued Costco Products Again
All-American Cake
Costco’s All-American Chocolate Cake was a massive chocolate cake that weighed upwards of 7 pounds and was a customer favorite until it was discontinued in 2020.
Churros were a staple of Costco's food court until they were taken off the menu in 2024. The churro has been replaced with a giant chocolate chip cookie.
Combo Pizza
At one point, Costco offered a combo pizza option topped with pepperoni, sausage, and a mix of veggies. The combo pizza was discontinued in 2020 for unknown reasons.
BBQ Brisket
Costco’s BBQ beef brisket sandwich featured smokey brisket coated in tangy barbecue sauce and coleslaw. The sandwich was removed from menus by the spring of 2020.
Ice Cream Bars
Costco used to offer hand-dipped ice cream bars that were covered in chocolate and roasted almonds. Costco discontinued the ice cream bars in 2013.