still life overhead view of sliced watermelon radishes and red radishes
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Watermelon Radishes Are A Stunning Addition To Almost Any Dish
The watermelon radish may be disguised as an average radish, but reveals a stunning pink interior when sliced. This veggie has a peppery flavor profile that is mild yet spicy at the same time, akin to broccoli, arugula, and rutabagas, and a watermelon radish adds instant visual appeal and vibrant flavor to any recipe.
The watermelon radish has heirloom status, so it can be difficult to find seeds at the store. When grown in cold climates, the radishes have a more subtle flavor with a luscious mouthfeel, but when grown in warmer areas, they often develop a spicier flavor with a drier texture; they also have a larger bulb than some other radishes.
The snappy texture of the watermelon radish makes it a welcome addition to a variety of dishes, and it can be served raw, pickled, roasted sautéing, simmered, and more. Roasting watermelon radishes enhances the mild sweetness of the veggie, and it only requires a simple coating of olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper.
Many eaters still think that watermelon radishes truly shine in their raw state, since cooking them can somewhat compromise the snappy texture and vibrant pink color that defines the vegetable. They make for a colorful garnish or tasty side dish, but are also hearty and flavorful enough to make a stunning entrée.