Three peices of fried chicken on fork
Water Is The Unexpected Key To Crispy, Mess-Free Chicken
Perfectly crispy fried chicken is a popular comfort food, but if you’re struggling to achieve that crunch at home with less mess, try incorporating water.
To get crispier, less messy chicken, try dipping the chicken in water prior to frying in oil, even if your chicken is breaded or seasoned.
After breading or seasoning like normal, simply dunk your chicken in water, drain the excess liquid, and then place the chicken in hot oil.
While water may seem counterintuitive for crispy chicken, dry chicken doesn’t guarantee results since there will always be some moisture from the chicken’s natural fat and juices.
Dunking the chicken in water prior to cooking will not only result in perfectly crunchy chicken, it will help stop the hot grease from splattering as you place in your chicken.